Medina River brings a singer and a lifer

perched eastern phoebe
Recording birds always brings me such joy. I continue to scratch my recording itch nearly every weekend. This weekend I returned to Medina River Natural Area to see what opportunities may appear. The morning was gray, drizzly, and slightly chilly. I spent around five minutes gearing up at my car once I arrive. This time, … Read more
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Close encounter with a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Blue-gray gnatcatcher feeding fledgling
Birdwatching this morning was special because it was my first opportunity to try out my new microphone and it brought a cute new recording subject.
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Postcards from my bird buddies

Female house sparrow at bird buddy feeder
My Bird Buddy smart bird feeder arrived a few weeks ago and I was excited to install and fill it along with my other feeders. It took about ten days for the birds to start regularly returning to my yard. A few more days after that, I had my first brave visitor to the new feeder!
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My other website: Because Birds – a blog for new and modern birders

homepage of because birds in 2022
Since 2014, I have been blogging about birds and the hobby of birdwatching on Because Birds. It started as a Tumblr blog that blew up in popularity. I used Tumblr to share cute and funny bird photos, videos, and memes. Once I outgrew Tumblr, I created a full WordPress website and began writing guides, reviews, birding summaries, and other experiences.
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