Let’s dissect which bird species can be heard screaming in the backing track of “Out of My Head” by Charli XCX

charli xcx great tailed grackle out of my head

Fellow pop music enthusiasts, I love birds, like a LOT. I photograph them and record them with embarrassingly-long microphones.

The first time I listened to Out of My Head by Charli XCX my bird senses lit up as I picked up on a bird screaming in the backing track. It might sound like noise to most, but I was SURE it was a certain local bird I heard all the time when birding.

A White-eyed Vireo duet

white-eyed vireo in tree

I’ve been recording at Medina River Natural Area on the weekends for the past few months. It is a nice place to record due to its distance away from highways once you get deeper into the natural area.

Recording birds is always unpredictable and you’ll never know what you’ll hear.

Medina River brings a singer and a lifer

perched eastern phoebe

Recording birds always brings me such joy. I continue to scratch my recording itch nearly every weekend. This weekend I returned to Medina River Natural Area to see what opportunities may appear. The morning was gray, drizzly, and slightly chilly. I spent around five minutes gearing up at my car once I arrive. This time, … Read more